Why choose Kingdee Cloud · Starry Sky?
More powerful functions: support multi-organization, multi-accounting system, multi-account book, fast and flexible expansion, fast function iteration.
Data is more secure: Work with Amazon to provide higher levels of multi-data security, including ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and CSA.
Cheaper price: no need to buy servers and databases, no one-time purchase of ERP software, and free upgrades.
More satisfactory service: provide 7 * 24 hours technical support, including online customer service, online bill of lading, after-sales hotline.
Kingdee Cloud · Starry Sky
  • 根据企业需要随时构建法人核算体系、利润中心管理体系同源分流,从业务到账务实现多个平行核算体系随时动态扩展,适应企业不断变革到需要 1. Dynamically expanding financial accounting system According to the needs of the enterprise, a legal person accounting system and a profit center management system can be constructed at the same time, and multiple parallel accounting systems from business to accounting can be dynamically expanded at any time to adapt to the continuous changes and needs of the enterprise.
  • 严格的用户权限和审批流程控制;统一基础架构,财务基础资料,核算规则;确保会计核算的统一规范性;确保资金资产的安全性。 2. Multi-organizational financial centralized management and strict user authority and approval process control; unified infrastructure, financial basic data, and accounting rules; ensure unified and standardized accounting; and ensure the safety of capital assets.
  • 业务随时发生,财务随时核算;完全无需人工干预,保证记账的合规与准确;平台级的账务核算,完美支持二次开发业务。 3. Smart bookkeeping platform business occurs at any time, and financial accounting is performed at any time; no manual intervention is required to ensure compliance and accuracy of bookkeeping; platform-level accounting calculations perfectly support secondary development business.
  • 多账簿,可同时支持多国会计准则;兼容多国不同语言;开放的税务规则计算,支持多国税制和税种。 4. Internationalized multi-account books can support multi-country accounting standards at the same time; compatible with different languages of multiple countries; open tax rules calculation, support multi-national tax system and taxes.
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