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Kingdee KIS Ultimate Features Details
Help small and medium-sized enterprises step into information management and comprehensively cover the fields of e-commerce, supply chain, production, finance, and human resources
Network-wide marketing to stimulate sales growth
The mobile phone number serves as the unique identification of the member, and integrates online and offline member information and manages it in a unified manner. Implement a complete membership system, and push event information for members at different levels to provide customers with professional and personalized services, drive sales growth and improve customer loyalty.

E-commerce integration to quickly process orders
Integrate transaction platforms such as Tmall, Taobao,, No.1 Store, Amazon, Suning Tesco, Vipshop,, Taobao Distribution, 1688, Alipay, etc., and connect with micro-shops such as Like, WeChat, and other network resources. Integration; provides a comprehensive online store operation application to help enterprises quickly process massive orders.

Reasonable planning and timely delivery guarantee
Through MRP calculation, quickly and accurately release production and procurement plans to achieve production, supply and sales coordination; transform sales orders into production, procurement, outsourced orders, ensure that the plan is reasonable and feasible, and shorten the production cycle; follow-up of production tasks, deal with problems in a timely manner, and ensure Delivery on time.

Mobile applications to control operations at any time
Use mobile assistants and other applications to understand operating indicators at any time and assist decision-making efficiently. Sales assistant applications break through time and geographical restrictions to improve sales efficiency. The micro-shop application supports dealers and customers to view enterprise products and place orders; for CRM applications Can communicate with customers in real time and follow up the progress of orders without any obstacles.

Store landing, efficient customer service
Supports store cashier management, providing functions such as product settings, store returns, store in / out, inventory, etc .; online and offline cashiers can collect and query member information to improve user experience.

Early warning analysis to speed up the turnover of inventory
Through the process definition and material parameter control and control, the quantity of goods in and out of the warehouse is controlled; the inventory abnormality analysis and early warning and the MRP material replacement strategy are used to reduce sluggish materials, effectively reduce the inventory backlog, and activate corporate assets.

Accurate accounting and continuous cost optimization
The system automatically collects product data, labor costs, manufacturing costs and other data to accurately and efficiently calculate actual costs and order costs; supports complete cost accounting of waste products and co-products; and a rich cost analysis model helps companies to continuously reduce production costs.

Financial integration, automatic billing
An integrated financial management system that integrates general ledger, asset, current, cash, and report modules. Effectively improve the efficiency of financial accounting and reporting; through over-adjustment period, asset books, combined inquiry and analysis, and credit management functions, help enterprises strengthen the fine management and control of various businesses and avoid financial risks. .

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